2017 Great Days of Service Results

About 200 people participated in the 7th annual Great Days of Service in 2017.

Some of the results for the day included:

  • 23 bags of leaves & big piles of branches cleaned up at Bailey Inglish Cemetery
  • 1 trailer full of brush & 3 bags cleaned up at Gates Hill Cemetery
  • Clean up at Willow Wild Cemetery
  • 5 bags of trash from around downtown square
  • 7000+ canned goods from Bonham ISD plus more from LDS church were given to 3 local organizations who feed hungry people
  • Wheelchair ramp built for a disabled veteran
  • Clothes sorted for children in foster Care for Isaiah’s Closet
  • Power washing concrete and demo work at amphitheater by Fort Inglish (2 trailers full of demo work)
  • At Powder Creek Playground: Fresh layer of mulch spread, Coat of sealer on wooden equipment, fencing and benches
  • Clean out at Pregnancy Care Center resulted in 2 trailers full of limbs, 1 trailer full of sheet metal and cleaned out lots of brush
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