2017 Projects

We are still working on lining up all of our service projects and the related details for 2017.  The following list are the ones we know we will be included. Check back soon for updates and possible additions.

  1. Community Clean-up – Pick up trash, pull weeds and other clean up around downtown, parks or other public locations on Saturday, Oct 14.   Volunteers Needed: unlimited number
  1. Community Clean-up at Bailey Inglish Cemetery – Pick up trash, rake leaves, weed eat and clean-up the Bailey Inglish Cemetery at the corner of 6th and Lynn Streets on Saturday, Oct 14.  All volunteers are encouraged to bring work gloves.  Trash bags will be provided.  Volunteers are encouraged to bring rakes and/or weed eaters if they can.  When registering, please indicate what equipment you can bring.  Maximum Number of Volunteers: 40

3. Community Clean up at Willow Wild Cemetery – Clean up the Willow Wild Cemetery near the intersection of Hwy 121 and Hwy 56 in Bonham on Saturday, Oct 14.  Volunteers needed include: people to pick up old, faded flowers, small branches, dead grass, etc; volunteers with power gas blowers for blowing dead grass off monuments and curbing; volunteers with weed eaters to trim around monuments, curbing and fence rows; volunteers with chain saw for trimming small tree limbs and brush in fence rows.  (Volunteers are asked to bring any gas blowers, weed eaters or chain saws they have to be used.  When registering, please indicate what equipment you can bring.  All volunteers are encouraged to bring their own work gloves.) Volunteers Needed: unlimited number

4. Community Clean up at Gates Hill Cemetery – Clean up at the Gates Hill Cemetery in south Bonham on Saturday, Oct 14. Volunteers needed to trim, pick up brush and other tasks. (Volunteers are asked to bring any gas blowers, weed eaters or chain saws they have to be used.  When registering, please indicate what equipment you can bring.  All volunteers are encouraged to bring their own work gloves.)     Maximum Number of Volunteers: 40

5. Home Improvements – Help needy elderly and/or disabled folks with “honey-do” tasks like raking leaves, trimming bushes or trees, changing smoke detector batteries, minor home repairs, etc. on Saturday, Oct 14.  In 2017 we will be building a wheelchair ramp for a disabled vet   Total Volunteers Needed:  to be determined

6. Powder Creek Playground – we will give a fresh coat of sealer on the playground at Powder Creek Park, add more mulch and do other maintenance too on Saturday, Oct 14.  Volunteers Needed: 20  (This project has reached its maximum number of volunteers.)

IMG_68327. Food Drive – collect, sort, move, stock donations of canned goods to be shared among the five local agencies who provide food to needy people on Saturday, Oct 14.  These 3 agencies are:

  • Fannin County Community Ministries
  • Fannin County Family Crisis Center
  • Manna House

Canned goods will be collected at:

  • Brookshire’s from Oct 1-14
  • All Bonham ISD schools from Oct 2-12
  • Other partner organizations can collect food at their locations in early October.

Collected food should be brought to Bailey Inglish cafeteria on Saturday, Oct 14 between 9:15 am – 10:00 am.  Contact Bailey Inglish office if you need to drop off during school hours on Thursday or Friday.

Volunteers Needed: up to 80 people


8. Nursing Home Visitations – visit residents on Saturday, Oct 14 in area nursing homes and assisted living centers, lead sing-along in common areas and “carol” to residents who are bed-ridden, dance or play musical instruments to entertain residents; Also play Bingo with residents.

Volunteers Needed: unlimited number

9.  Isaiah’s Closet – is a new non-profit in our community that provides clothing and other support to foster families.  Volunteers will help sort gently used clothing on Saturday, Oct 14.  Volunteers Needed: 15-20

10. Pregnancy Care Center – is a non-profit that needs some volunteers to bring chain saws, clippers, weed-eaters and other tools to clean-out the back part of their property, along the creek.  Volunteers Needed: 3-7

11. Joy Jamboree on Saturday, October 14 (evening) – Help host a special dance for adults and young adults with disabilities at the Housing Authority in the evening on Oct 14.  The event theme is Fiesta.  Volunteers needed include:  5 for hair/nails (arrive at 5 PM), 2 for photos (arrive at 5:30 PM), 3 for food service (arrive at 5:30 PM).
Volunteers Needed: 10

12. Amphitheater Project – Revitalization of the Amphitheater at Fort Inglish Park. This phase of the project involves power washing, removal and disposal of wooden bleacher seats and tearing down and removal of two small buildings. Tools needed include hand tools to remove rusty bolts, hammers, pry bars etc. for destruction of small buildings.

13. Recycling Project on Saturday, October 7 – the Fannin County Literacy Council provides free literacy classes and GED prep classes for adults.  In order to raise funds to support these classes, they will once again be hosting a Recycling Project.  Everyone is encouraged to clean out their homes of unwanted items and bring them to the Fannin County Precinct 4 Barn at 1369 E. Sam Rayburn Drive, Bonham on Saturday, October 7 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Up to 5 volunteers are needed to help unload donations from cars and truck. (Please note: this project may get rescheduled to Oct 14.  Check back for updates.)


  • ATV’s—Dirt Bikes, Go-Karts, 4 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, and Jet Skis
  • CAMERAS—Camcorders and all non-disposable film and digital cameras
  • COLLECTIBLES—Comics, Figurines, Trading Cards, etc.
  • COMPUTERS—Desktops, laptops, servers, LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, and all other computer components
  • ENTERTAINMENT & ELECTRONICS—Cell phones, GPS devices, calculators, portable CD and DVD players, PDAs, and MP3 Players, Car and home audio equipment, satellite and cable boxes, VCRs, headphones, and multi-media projectors
  • HOME & GARDEN—Air purifiers, baby monitors, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washers & dryers, power tools, electric razors, sewing machines, refrigerators and medical equipment
  • JEWELRY—Costume Jewelry, Watches, and Handcrafted Jewelry
  • MULTIMEDIA—DVD and VHS movies, audiobooks, and music CDs. All multimedia items must include original covers.
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS—Guitars, percussion, strings, woodwinds, brass, and electric keyboards
  • NON-FICTION BOOKS—Cookbooks, craft books, textbooks, etc.
  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT—Fax machines, typewriters, inkjet cartridges, printers, scanners, routers, shredders, and copiers
  • POTTERY, COOKWARE & GLASS DINNERWARE—China, Porcelain, Art Pottery,
    Stoneware, etc.
  • SPORTING GOODS—Golf clubs and bags, athletic helmets and pads, baseball bats and gloves, basketball shoes, cleats, hockey sticks, ice skates, and roller blades
  • TOYS & GAMES—Action figures, blocks, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.
  • VEHICLES—Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Trailers and RV’s
  • VIDEO GAMES—Video games, systems, and accessories

They are UNABLE to accept the following items:

  • Televisions
  • CRT computer monitors
  • Office or Home Furniture, including mattresses
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous Materials.